Lindsey’s Fun Links

My “thank you” page has links for those individuals and businesses that have helped me on this long and winding road. Now for some links I just enjoy…

Places and Buildings

I started to link various web sites for places that figure prominently in the Ashmore’s Folly Trilogy and then decided to put that information over on the Ashmore’s Folly web site. I’m too lazy to maintain the links on both sites, so click here.

Words and Writing


  • E-reader IQ. Because who doesn’t love a bargain? I have two lists, a pricewatch list and a “to be Kindleized” list, both hundreds of titles long.

Books and Authors

These are the authors whose books I read as soon as they download, no matter what else I’m reading at the time or how much sleep I need. I have my priorities straight!

  • J.D. Robb. Like most In Death fans, I am madly in love with Roarke. Of course, I used to be madly in love with the actor J.D. Robb very clearly based him on. I adore Summerset and would run a mile screaming from Mavis. I totally get Peabody and her obsession with her weight. My favorite villain? Julianna in Reunion in Death (no spoilers here — you know from the beginning). Most heartbreaking deaths? Marianna in Holiday in Death and the young editor in Imitation in Death. Favorite books? Holiday, Reunion, Portrait, Purity, Innocence, Creation, Strangers, Imitation, Survivor, Seduction. Least favorite? Hands down, Ceremony. I don’t care for the occult.